Tennis Tournament 2016

By October 24, 2016 No Comments

Just before the nights drew in too much, SPS squeezed in it’s first ever Tennis Tournament. Six of our loveliest customers got randomly paired with a member of the SPS team. Some were luckier than others! One ended up with Ollie!
Two hours of  “better than expected” tennis was played in a round robin tournament, culminating in eventual Pairs Champions.
The top three pairings were as follows:
1st Ali SPS
Rodd / Aqualine Plg
2nd Dale SPS
Mark Cunnington
3rd Sean SPS
Chris Alpine
Andy Grice SPS carried Stuart Feist so much his shoulders hurt!
If you fancy joining us for next years tournament, then just select your favourite SPS team member and they can partner you in summer 2017.