Team Karting Race – Hastings Branch

By July 30, 2019 No Comments

Hastings Branch took 21 customers Kart racing at Filching Manor on 27th July.

Everyone had an incredible time showing off their racing skills which ranged from slow to fast to downright dangerous! Separated into 6 teams of three and 2 teams of two everyone raced in a Le Mans style endurance race over 11/2 hours to see which team completed the most laps.

In a somewhat *ahem* dubious result team Hamilton were the overall winners. Congratulations go to Kevin Watson, Barry Hall (who somehow managed to take out the pit lane tyre wall) and our very own driver Roger Gerrish. Special mention should also go to ‘Our Kev’ Smith who placed third …… so no more excuses for late deliveries Kev!