We’ve seen bathrooms take a central role in the home improvement stage in recent years. Through the stunning designs available from our selection of approved suppliers, we can offer customers more variety than ever before. From water-saving eco-showers to integrated smart technology to a home spa experience, there is nothing our design team can’t help you achieve.

Whether you want to convert your bathroom to a wetroom, add a touch of period chic, or have a complete overhaul, we are sure the inspirational items below will offer food for thought!

A home spa experience

During the pandemic, homeowners invested the money they would usually have spent on holidays or entertainment into their property. If regulations meant they had to stay at home, then home must become a beautiful place to be.

This saw the rise in high-end, spa-style bathrooms with luxurious colour schemes and beautiful fixtures and fittings. With no expense spared, the spa experience in our home bathroom became a desire for many and our suppliers were only too happy to oblige by offering stunning ranges in multiple colour finishes.


Merlyn – Arysto colour, brushed brass

Rainforest chic

Alongside the rise in spa-style bathrooms, we have an increase in opulent shower setups. Bold colour schemes, especially green, is popular as it brings an element of nature indoors. Couple this colour scheme with lots of indoor plants to complete the lush rainforest look and turn your shower into an oasis of calm.

Heritage bathrooms – Gracechurch shower


Think Pink!

Pink has been trending over the last year when it comes to bathroom design. Blushed tones, coupled with brushed gold, give a wonderfully warm, luxurious, and romantic feel to your room.

Vado – Knurled Accents (Brushed Gold)


Mixing modern and period

Recent years have seen a rise in opulence for our home bathrooms. The mix of modern, period, and industrial is an extension of this. With patterned floors and statement wetroom panels, a run-of-the-mill bathroom can be transformed into a stylish statement room.

The MERLYN Black squared wetroom is striking but minimalist. With an anodised matte black finish (which is more durable than powder coating), this squared shower screen is one of the best quality black products on the market.

Did you know? …The black colour layer on the MERLYN Black range is not applied to the surface like paint or plating but is fully integrated with the underlying aluminium substrate, so it cannot chip or peel.

MERLYN Black Squared Showerwall


Showering goes Smart

Smart technology is growing in popularity and smart showers offer a stylish appearance coupled with ease of control. It is now possible to activate your shower using voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Home, or through the use of a wireless remote. You don’t always need to shell out on a brand-new shower either, some can be retrofitted with smart technology.


Aqualisa – Quartz retrofit shower


Talk to the SPS experts

The SPS showrooms include a selection of shower displays which will help you visualise how these trends can work in practice. Our welcoming design team is always on hand to plan your customised bathroom design, producing a CAD layout so you can visualise your upgrade in all its 3D glory!

If you’d like us to help you with your bathroom project, big or small, call into any one of our showrooms and speak to one of our design consultants or book a design appointment.