SPS Football Match: East v West

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The Ultimate Prize: Bragging rights!

SPS East took on SPS West in a thrilling showpiece at Eastbourne Borough last week.

Gricey’s West team stacked out with talented staff and a few customers played Sean Platel’s East team, stacked out with customer talent and a few staff!

In an enthralling game, the huge crowd was treated to an end to (same) end Masterclass!

In a tight game (for 6 minutes) SPS East struck first, then second, then third, then fourth, then fifth. Thank goodness for halftime!

It didn’t get any better in the second half as the flood gates opened and age, beer bellies, and injuries took their toll.

In the end, Sean’s team scraped a 13-1 win. Special mention to Oscar Lindsay for his five lucky goals, Nick Clark for his awesome back heel flick finish, Danny Ellis for being just too damn good & Mike “Flapian Barthez” Carey for going where nobody else would go.

The only SPS goal scorers were Ian Pelling and new boy Alex. Two outstanding own goals. (Rebound and a foul)

A great event that finished the last 10 minutes with 15 a side to help prevent any heart attacks.

“Good effort from my boys as they made me proud 🥲” – Andy Grice.
Well done to Sean’s boys. Congratulations or as they say in China “Ringer, Ringer, Chicken Dinner!!!!”

A BIG thank you to Flova brassware and Alpha boilers for their sponsorship on the night and to UEFA ref Keith Francis for holding it together!

A special mention to Joe Walton who produced the moment of the night!

A penalty was given, up steps Joe for his big moment…

He takes his run-up and absolutely wallops the ball 19 yards over the bar. Rumours are the ball is yet to be found!

Flova UK Alpha Heating Innovation

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