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UPDATED 30th March 2020
We will open our trade counters with two members of staff (max) Monday – Friday between 7.30am – 12.00pm for STRICT EMERGENCIES ONLY.
This decision has been taken to ease the flow of customers and to better manage the social distancing advice from the government.
Please stay at home unless your requirements are absolutely necessary.

Due to the severity of the decision and the announcement last night (0n Monday 23rd March 2020), we are going to close our branches from 10am today.
We will open our trade counters with two members of staff (max) each day for STRICT EMERGENCIES ONLY between 7.30-10am Monday to Friday.
The showrooms will remain closed throughout.
We are hoping that this will provide you with the emergency supplies you need such as a spare for a broken boiler or a major water leak. We will operate at a safe distance and one person can serve whilst one picks the items from the warehouse and puts the items outside for you to pick up and then leave. This will be on a strict one customer in and out basis.
We will NOT be doing deliveries (after today), quotes, forward orders or anything other than supplying emergency products.
This will be carried out until we have further information telling us that we are not allowed or shouldn’t do this. From what we are being told and others in the industry are saying, including Michael Gove this morning, we have an obligation in our sector to supply emergency products until further notice.
Please be assured we are taking this very seriously and we want to do our bit (no matter how small) to try and help in the fight to stop this vicious virus spreading.