Alpha commercial boilers webinar

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Register now for Wednesday’s Alpha commercial boilers webinar

Grab a coffee, sit back, and see if Alpha’s commercial boilers can offer you a better solution to cutting your costs on materials and installation times.They can offer you fantastic warranties of up to 10 years, great aftercare service and ultimately deliver your client significant energy savings.

Click the button below, register and you will be emailed a timely reminder beforehand for our weekly webinar which plays at 11.00am every Wednesday.

As we have a live moderator on-board if at any time you have any questions you can ask us in the chat window, or just watch, simple as that.

The webinar includes:

• Wall-hung stainless steel commercial boilers 50 – 115kW.
• Floor standing modular boilers 150 – 900kW.
• Stainless-Steel high-water content boilers  150- 600kW.
• Commercial water heaters.
• Live Q&A.